Grüner Salon
Donnerstag, 22.02.2024

20.30 Uhr / 8.30 p.m.

Anan Makhoul and Péter Somos • Concert

The brand-new duo project of oud player Anan Makhoul and percussionist Peter Somosis an exciting blend of classical Arabic music and jazz fusion. The two musicians have worked together in the past, primarily touring in the Middle East. They are now bringing their project to Europe for the first time. In addition to the classical Arab repertoire, they will perform Anan’s own compositions, featuring virtuoso playing accompanied by Peter's acrobatic one-man rhythm section.

Anan's musical agenda is a constant endeavor to improve Oud technique and explore new zones and facets of the instrument that have yet to be discovered. He seeks a refined musical approach to the Oud, aiming for its qualification in diverse musical genres such as World music, Jazz, and even Western classical music. His quest involves exploiting the richness of possibilities within traditional Arabic music, thereby discovering its openness to other musical fields. Anan believes that through this exploration, Arabic music can serve as a foundation for inspiring feelings of hope and love.

Codarts Rotterdam alum Peter has been playing music since he was 5. Having explored a wide range of styles and instruments throughout his journey (starting with European classical piano, moving to jazz, fusion, and discovering world percussion, Mediterranean, and Indian classical music), he strives to balance on the borders and use these languages to create his own musical dialect. He has toured all over the world with various artists, and every journey solidifies his conviction that musical styles can and should be blended.

Admission: 8:00 pm

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