Grüner Salon
Donnerstag, 18.09.2024
Freitag, 19.09.2024

20:00 Uhr

on the back of the photograph, lower left corner, lies everything i can't forget about my mother - Alin Uberti - Guest Performance from Romania • with Eng. and Germ. surtitles

Einlass: 19:30 Uhr
Tickets: 15€, ermäßigt 10€

Immediately after the revolution in 1989, a lot of Romanians have decided they aren't going to stick around to see what happens with their country. They needed distance. They uprooted themselves and settled in different countries that promised more than the absences of the final decade of the communist regime: absence of food, absence of heat, absence of freedom. Although the living conditions exist now, 35 years later, the absence is one of bodies who still haven't returned. They send money back home, they vote and they call, but their bodies are nowhere to be foundin present day Romania. This performance is a participatory experience that tells the story of these bodies, their journey, their joy, their pain and their absence. A story that can't be told without bodies joining us on stage. A story of an untranslatable word that Romanian bodies can't forget. A story about everything we can't forget.

Text: Alexandru Ivănoiu
Direction: Alin Uberti
Scenography&Video Design: Cosmin Stancu
With: Maria Moroșan, Vlad Pânzaru, Bogdan Iancu, Alexandru Ivănoiu
Duration: 1h30m
Languages: in English, Rumanian and German - with English and German surtitles

On the September 19th, after the guest performance there will be a party with Smoothin Groovin: TRU:L & Bogdan D.