Grüner Salon
Freitag, 16.02.2024

20.30 Uhr / 8.30 p.m.

Kaveh Salehi and Makan Ashgvari • Concert

Makan Ashgvari and Kaveh Salehi are two musicians living and working in Tehran, Iran.

They are both known as artists who were so much involved in the new wave of Iranian fusion music. Kaveh as a former member of the band "Pallet", and Makan with his song-writing, and the electric album "To Trucks". Makan and Kaveh have collaborated as a part of "Kamakan Project".

This is the first time Makan and Kaveh are collaborating as two individual artists, and this is the first time they are performing in Berlin together.

The concert will involve both their songwriting journey, and their recent experiences together. Songs on love, hope, grief and discrimination.

Admission: 8:00 pm

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